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Is there an option to allow downloads for Android devices? My customer's are seeing a 404 page when trying to access their download page. What can I do? How do I add DNS info to Sky Pilot? My PDF stamping position is not looking quite right. What can I do? I don't want the description to appear in my download page. How can I make sure it doesn't? My download page description does not follow HTML standards. What do I do? Microsoft Edge is blocking downloads by Sky Pilot for my customers marking them as unsafe. What can I do? My downloads aren't working and I'm getting a 'This site can't be reached error'. What do I do? Can I bulk upload attachments to my products in Sky Pilot? Can I sort the files in my customer's library by order creation date? Is download limit affected by playing audio/videos? Any countries where Vimeo is banned? If my customers create an account for my website after they have previously downloaded the purchased files via email, will they still be able to see those files? Is there a limit on the number of files that can be added to the products? Is it possible to add the additional charge to the base price of the product if we add digital content to it? How do customers receive the file when they purchase my product, is it just a download link or is it delivered in a specific format? Are there any apps that conflict with Sky Pilot? What does pending access mean in the “Order” section? Where do I see the added photo or video or file when I added it to a specific product?

Aperçu des types d'abonnement

With the new Sky Pilot integration with Subscription and Membership apps, you can deliver digital content to customers who pay you a recurring fee, and ensure that once your customers stop paying, access to the digital content is revoked. 

Sky Pilot gives you several ways to set up your subscription and for customers to enjoy your content, here we will cover two different scenarios so you can decide what suits your business.

Overview of subscription types

In the All Access subscription, all customers with an active subscription will have access to the same digital content, regardless of when they purchase the subscription. Imagine a business like Netflix or Spotify. 

Some businesses prefer to have specific content released at different points in time, and for subscribers to only have access to the content available in the cycle their subscription starts, and all the new content that is released in the future as long as they keep paying for their subscription. This is the traditional Magazine subscription. 


This timeline outlines the visibility of content depending on the type of subscription that is set up and purchased.

Setting up the different subscription types

All access subscription

You will need to integrate Sky Pilot with a subscription app, we have a list of recommended partners here. If you want to give all your subscribers of a given subscription access to the same content, the easiest set up is to create one subscription product and add all the digital content to this product. 

You can add new content at different points in time when this becomes available, and notify your customers via the email service in Sky Pilot. If you use the Sky Pilot option to notify all past purchasers, this will not check if your subscribers are still active or not. This can be used as a re-engagement strategy but if you prefer to only contact active subscribers we recommend using Klaviyo or another email marketing app. 

We have an in-depth article on setup and suggested apps here. 

Magazine subscription

There are a few apps that facilitate this process, the easiest is Subscription Plus where you can simply select different products to be delivered every month (or week or day) to customers with an active subscription, you will then associate the relevant digital content to these products using Sky Pilot.

We also recommend Loop Subscriptions if you want more customisation options. Here you can create a Flow and using if/then logic simply add the products for each recurring cycle.

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